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So, what exactly makes a good escape room, what to avoid, and how to choose a room that is right for you and your friends.

First and foremost, a good escape room should have a clear and well-designed storyline. The puzzles and challenges in the room should be related to the story and make sense in the context of the theme. A good escape room should also have a variety of puzzles, from traditional locking mechanisms to more creative and innovative challenges. These puzzles should be well-constructed and test the players’ problem-solving and critical-thinking skills.

Additionally, a good escape room should have a well-designed set and atmosphere that immerses players in the theme. The room should be detailed and realistic, and it should be easy to distinguish between what is part of the game and what is not.

Throughout our career we have designed and built over 30 Escape Room experiences for a wide variety of themes and gameplay styles, from large-scale live-action experiences like Dino Land, to smaller technological games like Resurgency.

An eye for detail, immersion and quality of gameplay are extremely important to us for every room so you’ll never go wrong with our range of award-winning experiences.

On the other hand, a bad escape room can be easily spotted by some key features, such as poorly designed puzzles, lack of immersion, or lack of variety in puzzles. A poorly designed room can be a frustrating and unenjoyable experience, leaving you and your friends feeling like you’ve wasted your time and money. We’ve played a few in our time across the world and have only learned from them for what not to do when we make ours.

Now, how do you choose a room that’s right for you and your friends? Start by thinking about what kind of experience you’re looking for. If you’re looking for a classic “locked in a room” scenario, then a more traditional escape room would be a good choice. But if you’re looking for something more immersive and elaborate, then a room that incorporates technology might be more your style.

Also, consider the level of difficulty of the room. Some escape rooms are designed to be easy and accessible for beginners, while others are meant to be more challenging and are better suited for experienced players. We list each room’s difficulty on its individual room page.

Another important factor is the number of players. While all rooms can be booked for a minimum of 4 players, others are more ideal for larger groups. Make sure to check the maximum number of players allowed in the room and choose one that’s appropriate for your group size.

Finally, think about the price and location. While you don’t want to choose an escape room based solely on price, you also don’t want to overspend on an experience that’s not worth it. And also, location is important, so you can choose one that’s convenient for you and your friends.

In conclusion, a good escape room is one that has a clear and well-designed storyline, a variety of well-constructed puzzles, and a well-designed set and atmosphere that immerses players in the theme. To choose a room that’s right for you and your friends, consider the type of experience you’re looking for, the level of difficulty, the number of players, the price, and the location.

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