The Panic Room Gravesend - Escape Room Centre
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1-4 Players - Age 12+
30 Minutes
Rear of 148-150 Milton Road - DA12 1DP

Didn’t your parents ever warn you not to get into a stranger’s van? We all make mistakes sometimes, but this one may cost you your life!

You and your friends have been kidnapped! A satanic cult has been stalking you for a while now, and you’re due to be sacrificed in just 30 minutes to the one they call Mother. That is unless you can work together and escape the van before your time is well and truly up!

Mother is great! All praise, Mother!

“The Sacrifice” is inside our 30 Minute Van Escape experience, which is located at our The Panic Room Gravesend 2 Location on Milton Road.

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Only £12.50 per person for 2-4 players

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