The Panic Room Gravesend - Escape Room Centre
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2-8 Players - Age 15+
60 Minutes
Rear of 148-150 Milton Road - DA12 1DP

His collection grows night by night. Will you become his latest victims? Can you find a way out where so many have failed before you?

A deranged killer with an obsession for dolls and mannequins, known for stripping the flesh off of his victims and much, much worse is on the loose. The police are on a nationwide manhunt to locate the psychopath and his ever-expanding list of playthings; they’ve yet to find a lead. You have been chosen as his next subjects, but you’re not alone…

Work together to achieve your freedom, or become part of the collection!

A classic horror experience, this grim and haunting tale with many twists and turns is guaranteed to get your heart racing, blood curdling and adrenaline pumping. This is an escape room you really will want to get out of!

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