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2-6 Players - Age 18+
60 Minutes
23a St Georges Centre - DA11 0TB

Dive into the daring and provocative world of “Riddled,” our latest adults-only escape room experience, crafted for those looking for a night filled with mystery and a touch of the risqué. This experience is designed for adventurous adults (18+) ready to explore the thrilling edges of puzzle-solving and storytelling.

“Riddled” starts with you and your friends opting for an unconventional night out. You meet the captivating ‘Julie Swallows,’. Eager to spice up your evening, Julie has offered her services, but there’s a twist—you’re short on cash. In a playful turn of events, Julie locks you in her elaborately themed dungeon until you can find a way to pay your dues.

Can you escape? Or is there a kink in your plan? Book Riddled now for a night full of laughter, challenge, and intrigue!

Please Note – This experience is designed for participants aged 18 and older, featuring adult-themed references, toys, clothing, décor, and puzzles.​
The room does not feature live actors, and all interactions within the game are part of the puzzle-solving experience. We are committed to providing a fun and respectful environment for all our guests.
We kindly remind everyone that maintaining a respectful and appropriate demeanour is essential. Any behaviour deemed explicit or inappropriate will necessitate warnings or removal from the game to ensure the enjoyment and safety of all participants and our staff.

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