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NEW FOR 2024

Dive into the depths of an epic quest with “Red Beard’s Treasure” a thrilling 60-minute escape game adventure.

Legend tells of a sunken chest, recently unearthed from the watery grave of Red Beard’s infamous ship. This chest, shrouded in mystery, is said to hold untold riches, but only the smartest and most daring can unlock its secrets. Prepare to navigate a series of cunning puzzles and cryptic codes that will challenge every member of your crew.

Designed to test your wit and teamwork, “Red Beard’s Treasure” offers a variety of intricate challenges that promise a fun and exhilarating experience.

Gather your shipmates and set sail for an unforgettable journey to claim the hidden bounty of the notorious Pirate King!

This experience is ideal for Kids Parties or fun family events. Clues/Puzzles are adjusted for the age group of the event.

Price: £200 total
Players: 4-10 Players
Time: 60 Minute Game
Age: 8-12

£200 price is based on the location being within 30 miles of Gravesend, Kent. Travel costs apply to locations more than 30 miles from Gravesend, Kent + any tolls that apply (Dart Charge, ULEZ etc)

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