4-10 Players
5-10 New Road, GRAVESEND, DA11 0AA

Panic Stations will be one of the first activities opening in our Family Entertainment Centre.

What is Panic Stations?

Panic Stations is our laser combat arena with a gritty and colourful Cyberpunk setting.

What do we offer and what makes us different?
Private Bookings Only – 5v5 only with a minimum of only 4 players needed to book
Unique Gameplay Modes – We have the classics, but we’ll be bringing in our own custom flavor
Immersive Set Design – Using our experience of Escape Room building, we will create an immersive arena with enhanced set design, lighting and music
Hypershock – Feel every shot! If your team chooses to use the Hypershock system you will be kitted with 2 shock pads that get connected to your pack. When you get shot…you get shocked!

Game modes at launch:
Team Deathmatch
Free For All
Capture The Flag

The Panic Room Exclusives:
Code Crackers
Stolen Identity

More on the way too…Opening this summer at The Panic Room Gravesend’s Family Entertainment Centre!