1-4 Players - Age 12+
Don't Panic Store - DA11 0TA

PANIC AT CUSTOMS HAS NOW CLOSED – New Experience Coming Jan 2024

A brand new single room Escape Game from the creative minds at The Panic Room!

Panic At Customs is a 60-minute Escape Game for 1-4 players!

You thought you had gotten away with it, trying to look inconspicuous and sneaking your way through customs. At the last second, a customs agent pulls you aside, your bag gets confiscated, and before you know it, you are in handcuffs sitting in a dark room awaiting your fate.

Using your wits, you realise that there may just be a way to get away with this. 2 identical bags have been put aside, yours and someone else’s. If you can unlock the other bag and switch the contents, you might just get away with it.

The customs officer will be back in 60 minutes, so your time is short. Will you solve the challenges before you and get away with it?

£50 per session (up to 4 players)

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Please note – Due to the nature/theme of the game, it contains drug references which may be unsuitable for younger players. Contact us for more info