2-8 Players
60 Minutes

NEW FOR 2022 – Available from October 31st


The world was dominated by rebellious artificial intelligence. Some of them have been tamed, but you can still find very dangerous variants of viruses on the web.

One of them took control of the reactor management device. Your task is to regain control of the device and shut down the reactor before it is destroyed.

A high-tech and highly interactive mobile Escape Room game for groups of up to 8 players.

Price: £200 total
Players: 2-8 Players
Time: 60 Minute Game
Age: 10+

£200 price is based on the location being within 30 miles of Gravesend, Kent. Travel costs apply to locations more than 30 miles from Gravesend, Kent + any tolls that apply (Dart Charge etc)

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