The Panic Room Gravesend - Escape Room Centre
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2-6 Players - Age 8+
75 Minutes
23a St Georges Centre - DA11 0TB

Welcome to the Marvellous Magic School! You and your team have been tasked with breaking into the headmaster’s office at the request of a rather panicked wizard twin! As you explore the room, you quickly discover that one of the twins playing here has accidentally been turned into an owl.

The twin’s sibling is frantically searching for a way to change them back, and needs your help. You’ll need to work together and use your problem-solving skills to uncover clues and solve puzzles that will lead you to the solution. But be warned – you only have 75 minutes to complete the task before time runs out!

Can you help the twin return to their human form before time runs out? Use your wits, your magic, and your teamwork to escape the headmaster’s office and restore the twin to their true form. The fate of the twin rests in your hands – are you up to the challenge? Let the magic begin!

Come join us for a magical new experience at our St Georges Location.

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