Up To 6 Players - Age 12+
60 Minutes
Entertainment Centre, St Georges Centre, DA11 0AA

🍷 Looking for a night out with a twist? 🍕 CSI Mafia Murders is a real-life version of our popular portable experience played by over 250,000 players worldwide set inside ‘The Lounge’.

It’s also now our first Escape Game where you can order drinks & pizza to your room!

Mafia rivalry is at an all-time high, tensions have risen, and a hit has occurred with 9 people found dead. It’s up to you to find out who the shooters were and solve this challenging murder mystery.
You’ll be faced with confiscated clues, evidence boxes and an array of incriminating documents and props that will help you uncover who the killer was. A mix of technology and physical props to interact with will help you lead the way to victory.

Will you solve the Mafia Murders?

CSI Mafia Murders is one of our Escape Games, part of our accessible entry-level experiences. Set in one immersive room, it’s perfect for first-timers or those looking for a straightforward adventure. At just £75 for up to 6 players, it’s a budget-friendly option, offering great value compared to our larger, more complex adventures.

Players – 2-6
Price – £75 total