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2-8 Players - Age 15+
75 Minutes
23a St Georges Centre - DA11 0TB

The Panic Room Gravesend is proud to present one of our most ambitious projects to date!

Lovecraftian horror comes to life in new escape room

If you’re a fan of Lovecraftian horror, you’ll love the new escape room that’s just opened up. It’s immersive and exciting, and will definitely give you a good scare.

Themed after the work of H.P. Lovecraft, the escape room is full of creepy details that will keep you on your toes. From the moment you enter, you’ll feel like you’re in another world – one where anything could happen.

You and your team will have to use all your wits to solve the puzzles and escape the room before it’s too late. With only 75 minutes to spare, every second counts. Are you up for the challenge?

Hell House is a spiritual successor to our much-revered game “The Gilman Hotel”. Gilman had a hell of a reputation and we hope to take you deeper into the story and mythos to discover the grim truth behind The Esoteric Order Of Dagon. The Order Of Dagon has taken refuge in this abandoned house on the outskirts of Arkham, taking locals as their sacrifice. If the rumours are to be believed, could you even stop them? Do you dare enter?

Explore every floor and you may find the truth is much darker than it seems, with puzzles, challenges, and fear around every corner you will be immersed in our latest and greatest creation to date.

Important Info:
Difficulty – 2-3 Players 5/5, 4-8 Players 4/5 – For smaller teams, this can be a very challenging experience, we recommend teams of 2-3 only for the most bravest or experienced detectives.
Live Actors – There are no live actors, however, this is still a horror game so some surprises definitely await you
Brightness – This is a low-level lighting room for atmosphere and setting, lanterns are provided at particular points so you have light when you need it. For anyone with sight issues we can provide extra lighting, please make sure to let your gamemaster know.
Age – 15+, players from 12-14 can still play with an adult present.
Clothing – Please wear comfortable clothing & sensible shoes, don’t wear anything you aren’t ok with potentially getting dirty
Accessibility – Not wheelchair or deaf-friendly (requires 1 person with hearing for Clue System). There are elements of physicality where at least 1 person will need to complete them in order to progress.

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