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🎩⛏️ GOLD RUSH – Now Open!

Step into the rustic charm of an old cabin left to you by a distant relative in our Gold Rush escape room. You’ve inherited more than just a homely cabin. Along with it, you’ve received a mysterious letter suggesting a hidden fortune in gold and precious riches!

Gold Rush is an exciting and immersive escape room experience for 2-4 players. As you enter the cabin, you’ll step back in time to the era of gold prospectors and hidden treasures. Equipped with nothing more than your wits and the cryptic clues left by your prospector ancestors, it’s up to you to unravel the secrets of the cabin and strike gold!

Dig through the cabin’s history, piece together the story left behind, and uncover the path to the hidden gold. But remember, you only have 60 minutes to decode the clues and claim the hidden treasure!

Gold Rush provides a perfect blend of teamwork, logic, and a race against time. It is not only about the potential riches you might uncover, but the thrilling journey to uncover them. This adventure is suitable for families, friends, team-building, or anyone looking for a fun challenge.

Are you ready to experience the thrill of the gold rush? Remember, it’s not just an escape game, it’s a race for gold!

Gold Rush is one of our Escape Games, part of our accessible entry-level experiences. Set in one immersive room with an easy-to-follow clue system, it’s perfect for first-timers or those looking for a straightforward adventure. At just £50 for up to 4 players, it’s a budget-friendly option, offering great value compared to our larger, more complex adventures.

Players – 1-4
Price – £50 total

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