60 Minutes
5-10 New Road, GRAVESEND, DA11 0AA

Step back in time and enjoy the classic fun of retro arcade games!

Step into a Digital Time Machine!

At GAME OVER Retro Arcade, we take gaming back to its pixelated roots! A nostalgic haven where you can rediscover the joy of classic video games, and perhaps introduce them to a new generation.

🕹️ Features:

  1. Retro Games Galore: Dive deep into a treasure trove of iconic arcade games from the golden era! Whether you’re in for some classic ‘Pac-Man’ chomping, ‘Space Invaders’ shooting, or ‘Donkey Kong’ barrel-dodging, there’s something for every retro enthusiast.
  2. All Ages Welcome: We proudly cater to gamers of all ages. Kids can discover the simple joy of 8-bit gaming, while adults can relive the memories of their youth.
  3. High Score Challenges: Think you’ve got what it takes? Compete with friends and family or challenge yourself to beat the top scores on our leaderboards. Glory, and possibly bragging rights, await the victors!
  4. Multiplayer Madness: Partner up for some co-op action or go head-to-head with your buddies on some of our multiplayer classics. Perfect for friendly rivalries!
  5. Comfy Gaming Zones: Our arcade isn’t just about games; it’s about the experience! Relax in our comfortable gaming zones, decked out with ambient lighting to truly transport you back in time.
  6. Refreshments Corner: Need a break from button smashing? Head over to our cafe, serving up treats and drinks to keep the energy high.

So check out our Game Over Arcade where the fun never stops at just £6 per person per hour!
No extra cost or coins needed, just the £6 then play as much as you like.

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