The Panic Room Gravesend - Escape Room Centre
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1-6 Players
30 Minutes
5-10 New Road, GRAVESEND, DA11 0AA

⚽️🎱 Exciting Activity for Sports Enthusiasts: Welcome to FOOTPOOL! 🎱⚽️

Imagine combining the energy of football with the precision of pool – that’s FOOTPOOL! For just £25, dive into a thrilling 30-minute session of this unique sport fusion.

Play on a giant walk-on pool table, kicking oversized billiard balls. Perfect for both seasoned players and beginners, FOOTPOOL is a fun, easy-to-learn game that’s all about strategy, skill, and teamwork.

Ideal for parties, team-building, or a unique day out, this experience is guaranteed to elevate your adrenaline and joy.

Ready for a kick of fun? Book your FOOTPOOL session now and get ready for an unforgettable experience!

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