1-6 Players
30 Minutes
5-10 New Road, GRAVESEND, DA11 0AA

FOOTPOOL – Billiards Meets Football Experience

Are you a football enthusiast? An avid pool player? Or perhaps both? If your answer is yes, then you’re in for a treat! Introducing FOOTPOOL – an exhilarating and engaging fusion of your two favourite sports. For only £25, you can enjoy an electrifying 30-minute session that’s certain to bring fun, excitement, and competition to your day.

FOOTPOOL is the latest evolution in group games, where the strategic intricacies of billiards meet the dynamic, energetic gameplay of football. It’s played on a large-scale, walk-on pool table, complete with enlarged billiard balls you can kick. With each game, you’ll experience a whole new world of tactics and teamwork, all whilst developing your skills in two beloved sports.

Our FOOTPOOL session will test your accuracy and challenge your agility, allowing you to kick, spin, and bend your shots, just like a true football pro. And don’t worry if you’re not a football star or a seasoned pool shark – the rules are easy to grasp and the game is just as enjoyable for beginners and casual players as it is for experts.

This high-energy experience is ideal for friendly gatherings, birthday parties, corporate team building or simply a unique day out. And remember, it’s not just a game, it’s a FOOTPOOL experience!

So why wait? Get the ball rolling and embark on this thrilling sports fusion adventure. Book your 30-minute FOOTPOOL session for just £25 now, and prepare for a memorable encounter that’s guaranteed to get your pulse racing and your spirits soaring!

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