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1-4 Players - Age 8+
60 Minutes
Don't Panic Store - DA11 0TA

“While adventuring across the seven seas looking for treasure, you spot a ship adrift on the horizon.  It appears empty, not a soul in sight…

You decide to board this ghostly ship, and upon exploring the captain’s cabin you stumble across a strange chest, emanating a strange and mysterious feel. You reach out to it, and as your fingers move across the rusting steel, a voice bellows from the ether.

It is the spirit of the captain himself!

His disembodied voice tells of his discovery of an Aztec ruin, laden with gold. Yet, an even bigger treasure laid within: A totem of immortality. A totem he claimed to himself hastily, hiding the valuable icon from his crew in a chest only he could open.

Yet, the totem was not all that it seemed, the captain passed away and awoke inside the chest itself. The totem was cursed!

You now need to help the pirate by solving all of the exciting puzzles within the chest, breaking the curse and set him free.
Are you up for the challenge?”

Dead Man’s Chest is one of our Escape Games, part of our accessible entry-level experiences. Set in one immersive room with an easy-to-follow clue system, it’s perfect for first-timers or those looking for a straightforward adventure. At just £50 for up to 4 players, it’s a budget-friendly option, offering great value compared to our larger, more complex adventures.

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