4-10 Players
60 Minutes
Anywhere you want!

CSI is our brand new 60-minute experience. for 4-10 players. Let The Panic Room come to you and get ready for some puzzle solving.

Each game includes an extremely fun 60-minute experience, a certificate for each player and multiple group photos with props and a photo wall.
You will have a dedicated entertaining game host to set up the experience inside a venue or home of your choosing who will be able to give you clues (should you need them) to hopefully solve the crime in time!

A deluxe experience for you and your friends or co-workers that is sure to be an evening you won’t forget! Not just your everyday murder mystery/escape room experience!

This is something completely different and not to be missed!
4-10 players per game, suitable for ages 10+

3 Scenarios to choose from:
CSI – The Mafia Murders:
Mafia rivalry is at an all-time high, tensions have risen and a hit has taken place with 9 people found dead. It’s up to you to find out who the shooters were and solve this challenging murder mystery.
Can you find out in time? That’s up to you!

CSI – Fatal Flight:
A man has been mysteriously poisoned on a flight, it must have been someone onboard but who? Solve the puzzles and work together to find the who, why and how of this brand new detective mystery.

CSI – Christmas Scene Investigation:
It’s just before Christmas and one of the elves has stolen the Naughty and Nice list! You as detectives must follow the trail of gingerbread crumbs to solve the clues and work out which elf stole it before Santa leaves. Whoever did it is certainly going to end up on The Naughty List, the question is…who?

Interested in booking or want to check availability? Contact us today! Email – dontpanic@thepanicroom.net or call us on – 01474 450029