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4-10 Players
60 Minutes
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CSI 60-minute Murder Mystery  Escape Room experiences have become a hit with families and companies alike. It’s time to let The Panic Room come to you!

Each uniquely designed game includes a fun and challenging experience that you and your team of detectives need to solve together before the time is up.

You will have dedicated game hosts to set up the experience inside your venue or home of your choosing. Your host will be able to give you clues (should you need them) to hopefully solve the crime in time.

A deluxe experience for you and your friends or co-workers that is sure to be an evening you won’t forget! Not just your everyday murder mystery/escape room experience. This is something completely different and not to be missed!

Things to note about the experiences:
We recommend 4-10 players per game
We are able to run multiple copies at the same time or one after the other to suit your event
The content is suitable for ages 12+ for Mafia Murders and Fatal Flight, 8+ for Christmas Scene Investigation
At the end of the game, each player gets a certificate and teams can have optional team photos.
Upon arrival, we require 30 minutes to set up and approximately 10-15 minutes between sessions to reset the game.

Now with 3 Exciting Scenarios to choose from:
CSI – The Mafia Murders:
Mafia rivalry is at an all-time high, tensions have risen, and a hit has occurred with 9 people found dead. It’s up to you to find out who the shooters were and solve this challenging murder mystery.

You’ll be faced with confiscated clues, evidence boxes and an array of different documents and props that will help you uncover who the killer was. A mix of technology and physical props to interact with will help you lead the way to victory. This is our most popular mobile activity due to its diverse clues and deductive methods.

Will you solve the Mafia Murders?

CSI – Fatal Flight:
A man has been mysteriously poisoned on a flight. It must have been someone onboard, but who? Solve the puzzles and work together to find the who, why and how in our latest mystery to join the force of Mobile Escape Rooms we offer. This case is a procedural investigation where you will gradually untangle the web of clues to get to the thrilling conclusion.

Making use of audio and video recordings, it will help you piece together leads while the physical evidence gives you what you need to get the conviction. What was left behind? Were the tracks hidden well enough? Time will tell!

CSI – Christmas Scene Investigation:
It’s just before Christmas and one of the elves has stolen the Naughty and Nice list! You, as North Pole detectives must follow the trail of gingerbread crumbs to solve the clues and work out which elf stole it before Santa leaves. Whoever did it will end up on The Naughty List. The question is…who?

This is a game that is suited not only for family fun, but also as a light-hearted game for adults too. If our murder cases prove to be a bit too gruesome, then the search for the naughty list will surely delight your whole team.

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