1-4 Players - Age 8+
75 Minutes
Don't Panic Store - DA11 0TA

This experience is now closed and will be replaced by Gold Rush in July You can still book Panic At Customs, Whodunit and Dead Man’s Chest

“Greetings, strangers. It is I, the dragon, guardian of the castle of memories.

A mischievous ghost has wreaked havoc upon the castle and trapped the students and teachers within while I slumbered. This trickster has placed hexes upon the doors and rooms, and caused absolute chaos.

Help the creatures within, and they will help you in your quest to break all of the hexes.

There is a chosen one – a young student, who has the power to defeat evil – he has been locked within the castle, but if you can set him free, the castle will be safe once more.

Save the boy, and the castle will be saved. I hold the key to the castle – take it and help all those within.”

Castle Of Memories is our brand new Escape Game within our Don’t Panic – Gifts & Games store, a puzzle packed experience
offering 75 minutes of magic! The game centers around the grand model of a castle which features interactive and exciting gameplay that will be perfect for newbies and families alike. For only £50 for up to 4 players it also offers great value for money!

Please note – 3-4 Players is recommended for family groups with kids, for adults 1-3 is recommended

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