The Panic Room Gravesend - Escape Room Centre
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2-8 Players - 15+
60 Minutes
5-10 New Road, GRAVESEND, DA11 0AA

New Horror Escape Room – Now Open!

“Welcome, dear sinners. My name is Dante, a connoisseur of transgressions, a maestro of atonement. You’ve committed sins and have arrived here, into my world, not by chance but by divine reckoning.

In this dark prison, you’ll be tried for your sins, and you shall face the grim realities of your past. Each one of you carries the burden of guilt, each has a story, a sin, that tethers you to your mortal existence. But despair not, for this is not an end… but a chance at redemption.

If you succeed in the trials that await you, if you can confront your sins and overcome them, you shall earn your freedom. If you fail…then eternal torment awaits.”

Players: 2-8
15+ without adult (12+ require adult supervision)

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