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Resurgency Room


Can you defeat B. Last at his own game? Defuse the bomb, or blow up under pressure!

In 2016, The Panic Room narrowly avoided catastrophe when notorious trickster and bomb-maker Brenden Last placed a live explosive in the room. Thankfully, a team of players were able to solve Last’s puzzles and defuse the bomb, thwarting his devious schemes. So that this never happens again, we’ve started a bomb defusal initiative back where it all started. You are our newest team of recruits to see if you have what it takes to work under pressure. But don’t panic, after all, it’s not a real bomb…!

This 2-5 player sequel to Urgency is a blast from the past! An explosive 60 minutes of retro gamer fun for everyone, guaranteed to blow you away with lots of puzzles and interactive challenges!


  • 2 players £56
  • 3 players £75
  • 4 players £90
  • 5 players £105

PLAYERS: 2-5 Players

Recommend Age: 8+
PLEASE NOTE: You are never physically locked inside the room and may leave at any point.
If a group contains children younger than 12 then an adult must be present
Location: The Panic Room Gravesend 1 – Berkley Crescent
Or Call: 01474 340255

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