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Prison Van (CLOSING MARCH 29th)

Exciting Immersive Experience

You’re breaking the law as dangerous convicts! Cooperate to solve puzzles and make a break for it! Sweet, sweet freedom is within your grasp!

You’ve been caught, tried and convicted! During the transport to a maximum security prison, the secure vehicle taking you is involved in an accident. The vehicle is immobile, and a bit of a mess, but this is the perfect opportunity to stage a breakout! The police’s response time is 60 minutes; can you shorten your life sentence?

Think like a criminal as players are pitted against the clock and against the law in this unique escape experience, perfect for small teams of 2-5 players who have always wondered how they would fair being on the other side of the law!


  • 2 players £50
  • 3 players £66
  • 4 players £80
  • 5 players £95

PLAYERS: 2-5 Players

Recommend Age: 12+
PLEASE NOTE: You are never physically locked inside the room and may leave at any point.
If a group contains children younger than 12 then an adult must be present
NOTE: Does NOT have live actors. Due to the nature of the experience those with claustrophobia may feel claustrophobic. Panic Buttons are setup throughout the van so you can instantly leave at any time if you need to.
Location: The Panic Room Gravesend 4 – Gravesham Borough Market
Or Call: 01474 340255


Deaf Friendly version upon request
IMPORTANT NOTE FOR PRISON VAN BOOKINGS: Although the Prison Van is at the Gravesham Market, due to the markets operating hours please arrive at The Panic Room 3 (St Georges) for your booking.
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