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New Website Launched!

Our brand new website has finally launched, we are all shiny and new!

Our old site launched back in early 2017 and we have grown so much since then from having 6 experiences to a massive 21. As an added bonus we now also have a blog/news feature on our site so we can give you guys and gals the latest updates and insights into everything Panic Room.

Expect to see some awesome behind the scenes photos and footage, guest posts from our team and much much more. You’ll also be able to keep up to date on the next rooms we are designing and creating, we currently have quite a few in the works so definitely keep an eye out.

Our first few posts are already up and good to go, we have written up an awesome and hopefully interesting history of The Panic Room from when Monique and I first started working on it way back in 2015.

That’s all for now so my friends just remember…Don’t Panic!

Alex & Monique Souter (also known as Papa & Mama to our staff)

The Panic Room

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