A new room is on the way and we can’t wait!

We are pleased to announce that we have already started construction on a new experience for all of you. “The Don’s Revenge” will be opening its doors March 31st.

“But you already have a room called The Don?” You may ask! Unfortunately, another bit of news is that we are closing our original building Berkley Crescent which hosts The Don & Resurgency which will sadly also close. The Don has been open for nearly 7 years and it’s time to continue the legacy.

The Don’s Revenge is a completely brand new from scratch experience which acts as a continuation of the story and universe created by the first game. A sequel of sorts! However, you don’t have to have played The Don to play the new room.

We are pulling out all of the stops to make this feel truly like a classic Panic Room experience but with all the bells & whistles of our new abilities and knowledge. A nice range of interactive, observation, and traditional puzzles will await you on your mission.

We can’t wait to host you all!

For tickets head straight to the dedicated page for the game here:

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