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Over the last 7 years, The Panic Room have been nothing but creative and prolific in its creation and expansion which has led to a lot of rooms coming and going.

Some are still here to this day and soon rooms time just simply ran out.

So here is a handy list travelling through time of rooms and when they were released!

The Panic Room Gravesend opens building 1
January – The Panic Room
March – The Witch House
June – The Don and URGENCY
July – The Lab

The Panic Room Harlow Opens
August – The Panic Room & The Witch House

The Panic Room Gravesend opens building 2
September – The Dollhouse
October – The Panic Room V2
November – The Gilman Hotel

The Panic Room purchases a company closing down and takes on their room ENIGMA
January – ENIGMA in Harlow
February – The Tomb in Harlow

Back to Gravesend!
March – Old Father Time
April – Million Dollar Date Night
A new Gravesend location opens which had space for an office as well as an Escape Room
August – Defective Detective
The Panic Room Gravesend opens its largest location to date in the St Georges Centre
September – Dino Land
October – LOOP & Ten Fathoms Deep
November – Enigma V2 & North Pole Panic

A new location opens inside the Gravesham Borough Market with an info desk and a new Escape Room based on local history
May – Secret Of Pocahontas
June – Revolution Ole
July – Resurgency & PRISON VAN
August – Wizard Of Oz

Then in September, The Panic Room bought a company that ran a mobile Escape Room experience from a van and from there The Sacrifice had its new home in Gravesend and across the UK

September – CSI Mafia Murders & Fatal Flight Mobile Escape Rooms
October – The Happy Institute
November – North Pole Panic in Harlow

March – Mobile Magic School (Mobile Experience)
April – Strike Force in Harlow
June – ‘The Grape Escape‘ which was available to play at the local Italian Restaurant Julius Caesar
July – CSI Mafia Murders in Harlow
November – North Pole Panic 2
December – CSI Christmas Scene Investigation Mobile Experience

January – Carnevil in Harlow
February – Coming Home in Harlow

In March, due to COVID and in order to save the business Alex & Monique started an online store where they developed over 30 Online Escape Rooms and 20 Puzzle Books which ultimately is the reason why The Panic Room is still here today.

October – Battle Masters Axe Throwing

In May The Panic Room opens its first retail store “Don’t Panic” specialising in Gifts & Games
June – Marvellous Magic School
August – Dead Man’s Chest

In September, owners Alex & Monique, as well as Rob, purchase the rooms from a company closing down in Niagara Falls, NY USA with 4 rooms! The rooms were re-opened and made better meaning The Panic Room could now be visited across 2 continents.

December – Castle Of Memories

March – Riddled
April – Hell House
July – Sherlock in Harlow
August – Panic At Customs

In December The Panic Room finally launched their Family Entertainment Centre which they had been working on a year-long, starting with 5 different activities to choose from including an Escape Room, Laser Tag Arena, High-tech Mini Golf, Augmented Reality Air Hockey as well as retro arcade games.

December – OVERLOAD

February – Return To The Tomb in Harlow
March – The Don’s Revenge
April – Board Game Cafe opened at our Don’t Panic Store
May – Whodunit
June – Gold Rush
July – 7 Sins

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