Horror Escape Rooms

Horror Escape Rooms

Are you brave enough to survive our horror experiences?

Here at The Panic Room Gravesend, we now host four challenging and frightening Escape Room experiences.

Like stepping into a horror film, you must work your way through our incredible themed sets to find your way to safety.

Not sure which one you would prefer?

New for 2023 – 7 SINS – You have been kidnapped by Dante who seeks to punish you for your sins but also offers you a chance at redemption. Can you solve his trials and survive? Click Here For More Info

The Dollhouse – This is our classic serial killer themed Escape Room. You start off in a near pitch-black room inside a cage. What’s not to love? You’ll be assisted by Danny, a fellow captive, in making it out of the killers’ lair. Only with teamwork will you make it out in one piece.

The Happy Institute – For those looking for something different with a live actor, then the doctor is waiting…Something just isn’t right at this medical testing facility. Uncover the truth behind what is happening, and most importantly, don’t get caught!

The Sacrifice – Taken into the back of a van by a cultist, ready to be sacrificed…sounds like a regular Friday night, right? You’ll only have 30 minutes to escape, so you must keep your wits about you. We recommend this as a fantastic warm-up game before playing another room. Plus, it’s only £12.50 per person for a group of up to 4.

Hell House – Our largest experience, a multi-level Escape Room with 75 minutes on the clock. There is more time on the clock, but you will need it! It’s our most difficult experience where only the toughest and brightest survive.

Important Information:
We understand that our guests like different levels of scares and may have epilepsy or claustrophobia. If you need any special accommodations or changes, just let us know! We can on the fly make adjustments to your experience to ensure that it’s right for you. Be it extra lighting, fewer jump scares or different routes to avoid claustrophobic spaces, we have you covered!

Call us at – 01474 450029 or just let your Gamemaster know when you arrive.

Interested in playing multiple Escape Rooms? Check out our Offers & Packages page to get the Horror Special Offer