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Horror Escape Rooms

Horror Escape Rooms

Are you brave enough to survive our horror experiences?

Are you brave enough to survive our horror experiences at The Panic Room Gravesend? We offer five terrifying escape rooms, each like stepping into your own horror film.

7 SINS Kidnapped by Dante, you must solve his trials to survive. Can you earn redemption?
The Dollhouse Escape from a serial killer’s lair starting in a pitch-black cage. Work with fellow captive Danny to survive.
The Happy Institute With a live actor, uncover the truth at a creepy medical facility. Don’t get caught!
Hell House Our largest and most difficult escape room, spanning multiple levels with 75 minutes on the clock. Only the toughest survive.
The Sacrifice Escape from a cultist’s van in just 30 minutes. A great warm-up game for only £12.50 per person for up to 4 players.

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