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Escape Room & Puzzle Day at Gravesend Borough Market

Puzzle Day

The Panic Room are proud to announce we will be hosting an incredible day of escape room and puzzle activities at Gravesend Borough Market on 14th July. It’s an absolute pleasure to work with the local council to put on an event like this.

The event will be featuring brand new experiences to come and play including:

Operation Mastermind (60 min 2-6 players)
DETON8 (8 min, single player)
Mobile Magic School (20 min, up to 5 children)

Tickets for DETON8 & Mobile Mobile School are available on our ticket page now, limited spaces remain already.

More info to come soon! It’s going to be an awesome day and we hope to see you there!

Alex & Monique Souter
The Panic Room Escape Ltd.

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  1. Having these events for society is really good to increase cohesion between the members of society. I am sure people will really appreciate it if these events are organized often.

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