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EP 10: Running An Escape Room – Mastering The Maze

Welcome to another thrilling episode of Locked In A Podcast, hosted by your favorite escape room enthusiast, Alex Souter. Today, we delve deep into the ever-evolving world of escape rooms, piecing together the secrets and challenges behind the curtain.

  • From Blueprint to Reality: Alex kicks things off with the ins and outs of running a successful escape room. From brainstorming intricate puzzles to crafting a gripping narrative, we unpack the makings of an unforgettable escape experience.

  • Tick Tock! Managing Deadlines: Ever wondered why some rooms feel rushed while others flow seamlessly? We discuss the art of balancing challenging puzzles with achievable deadlines, ensuring both excitement and completion for participants.

  • The Unsung Heroes – Gamemasters: The spine of any escape room, gamemasters play a crucial role in guiding and assisting players. We shed light on their integral role, training nuances, and why a good gamemaster can make or break an experience.

  • Digital Dangers – Getting Hacked: As technology becomes an integral part of modern escape rooms, Alex reveals a personal story of being hacked and how to safeguard your digital escape experience against such threats.

  • Built to Last – Durability Matters: We delve into the importance of durable design. From wear and tear to over-enthusiastic participants, we discuss how to keep rooms looking fresh and functioning perfectly.

  • Post-Pandemic Puzzles: As the world slowly emerges from the grip of the pandemic, how have escape rooms adapted and diversified? We explore the challenges faced, lessons learned, and innovative solutions that have risen from these trying times.

  • Kent’s Rising Star: From a modest escape room to becoming Kent’s entertainment hub – hear the incredible journey and vision behind creating a local go-to destination for thrill-seekers and puzzle lovers alike.

Join us for this exciting episode, filled with behind-the-scenes insights, tales of resilience, and the passion that drives the escape room industry forward. Whether you’re a seasoned escaper or just curious about what goes on behind those locked doors, this is one episode you won’t want to miss!

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