Don’t Panic Store Escape Games

What are Escape Games?

At our Don’t Panic Gift & Games Store in Gravesend, we now host a series of different Escape Rooms & Escape Games to choose from.

You might ask what is the difference between Escape Rooms & Escape Games?

Escape Rooms:
Escape Rooms are multi-room themed environments that involve solving puzzles around the rooms in order to escape through the exit door or complete the final task.

New Escape Game Open – Gold Rush – Click Here For More Info

Escape Games:
Our Escape Games are single-room experiences made with a central prop or concept used for the whole game. The games are also fully automated, with clues available at the touch of a button.

Technological Centrepieces
Dead Man’s Chest is a intricately designed technological wonders with secret compartments and electronic puzzles filled with lights and sounds as you play and solve.

Classic Escape Games:
CSI Christmas & Gold Rush are new experiences designed to give the classic experience of an escape in a smaller footprint. The rooms were custom-built to offer games at a lower price where all the clues are automated with our interactive clue systems. This means you get a lot of fun for a fraction of the price of a regular Escape Room

Whodunit – 60 Minutes – Up To 6 Players – £60-132 (depending on player count)
Gold Rush – 60 Minutes – Up To 4 Players – £50
Dead Man’s Chest – 60 Minutes – Up To 4 Players – £50
CSI – Christmas Scene Investigation – 60 Minutes – Up To 4 Players – £50

Also available:
BOOM BOX – Explosive Tabletop game played in the Board Game Cafe – 2-3 Players for £5
The Lost Backpack – Tabletop game playing in the Board Game Cafe – 2-6 Players for £10

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