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Accessibility At The Panic Room Gravesend:

In Q3 2024 we will have a lift & disabled toilet facilities on the top floor of our Family Entertainment Centre which means that Private Karaoke, Mad Hitters, VAR BOX, Footpool, Pool, bar and live Events will be accessible (subject to individual activity accessibility)

Updated – 10/06/24 – Subject to change

Here at The Panic Room Gravesend, we want to be able to allow everyone to escape. However, due to the format of escape rooms & the buildings we are in, this isn’t always the case. We are always looking to improve our offering and make changes that will mean there is more to offer for everyone. If you have any questions about whether a room is suitable for you, just contact us!

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Or Call Us At – 01474 450029

If you would like to come and visit before booking to see if it would be suitable for you or the person you are enquiring on behalf of, then we can absolutely arrange showings to ensure that it is the right experience for you and your team!

The Panic Room Gravesend 2 – Milton Place: 2 Toilets – No disabled toilets available
The Panic Room Gravesend 3 – St Georges: 2 Toilets – No disabled toilets available
Don’t Panic Gift & Games: 2 Toilets – No disabled toilets available
Family Entertainment Centre: 2 Toilets on the ground floor – Both are disabled toilets, 1 has baby change facilities
St Georges Shopping Centre: Mens, Ladies and Disabled toilets available within the shopping centre during opening hours

Wheelchair friendly – Please note this is based on standard manual wheelchairs, some areas may not be suitable for electric wheelchairs. We recommend pre-viewing where possible to ensure suitable for your needs,

The Don’s Revenge
Battle Masters
Gold Rush Escape Game
Lab Rats Escape Game

Wheelchair accessible if the player can use stairs for short periods, some/multiple parts of modified gameplay:
The Dollhouse – 2 flights of stairs with handrail, Modified gameplay where some crawling sections will be skipped for the wheelchair player, other sections modified.
Wizard Of Oz – 2 flights of stairs with handrail and several raised sections which will restrict gameplay.
Marvellous Magic School – 1 short flight of stairs with a handrail. We would recommend a team of max 4 players with 1 wheelchair user due to the size of the room. There are some small raised areas that won’t be accessible but aren’t big parts of gameplay.
Break The Bank – Requires going through part of the game area to get to the start

Not suitable for wheelchair users:
Escape Rooms:
Hell House
The Happy Institute
Panic Stations Laser Tag
7 Sins
Game Over Retro Arcade
Smart Mini Golf
Mad Hitters Mini Golf
Private Karaoke

PLEASE NOTE: For those that do not require a wheelchair, but need seating available in the room, this is available in all rooms on request and many rooms already have seating to accommodate this.

Generic Briefing/Safety Videos are subtitled, and printed copies of the story introduction are available upon request.
The following games have audio puzzle/communication elements that have accessibility adjustments upon request:
The Dollhouse
The Don’s Revenge
Gold Rush
Lab Rats
Break The Bank

Rooms with limited DEAF/HOH accessibility:
Wizard Of Oz – Multiple audio puzzles that will require someone with hearing to solve.
Marvellous Magic School – Clues are provided by intercom with no in-game screen, no audio puzzles
Hell House – Clues are provided by phone with no in-game screen, no audio puzzles.
Riddled – Clues are provided by intercom with no in-game screen, 1 audio puzzle
Dead Man’s Chest – Clues are audio based via pre-recorded clues. It will require one person with hearing to receive the clues.
7 Sins – Multiple audio elements and clues are provided by intercom only

Epilepsy/Light sensitivity Accessibility:

The following rooms have elements of flashing/strobing lights which may affect some users;
The Dollhouse – Flickering lights which aren’t used at teams request
Wizard Of Oz – Lasers can be disabled however it affects 1 puzzle.
Marvellous Magic School – Flashing lightning effects which can be disabled upon request
7 Sins – Strobe lights used throughout
Private Karaoke – Disco Room

Colour Blindness:
The following rooms have colour-based puzzles:
Wizard Of Oz – 1 Puzzle
The Dollhouse – 1 Puzzle
Marvellous Magic School – 3 Puzzles
Riddled – 2 Puzzles
Hell House – 2 Puzzles
The Happy Institute – 2 Puzzles
7 Sins – 1 Puzzle
Dead Man’s Chest – 2 Puzzles
Lab Rats – Multiple Colour Puzzles & Colour Game Elements
Boom Box – 1 Puzzle
Break The Bank – 1 Puzzle

Low Light:
In some experiences, the story/setting may be dark to be on theme with the surroundings however, suitable torches or light sources are always provided for puzzles/interactions that need to be solved visually. If you would like more torches or even bring in your own torches, this is fine. We only ask that you bear in mind that each experience is designed with particular lighting.

For Marvellous Magic School there are 2 lighting modes, mode 1 is atmospheric lighting, mode 2 is brighter lighting, and if you require the brighter mode, just ask your Gamemaster before the experience.

We are aware that there are many specific requirements that our customers may need, and we always do our best to accommodate, so if you have any questions regarding how appropriate any of our rooms would be for you, please reach out to us at:

For further information regarding our Laser Tag offering & its accessibility, please go to –

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