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Updated – 30/09/19 – Subject to change

Wheelchair friendly:
North Pole Panic 2

Wheelchair accessible with notice:
The Happy Institute (weekdays only + confirmation of wheelchair size required)
Resurgency (confirmation of wheelchair size required)
The Sacrifice (confirmation of wheelchair size required)

Wheelchair accessible with modified gameplay:
LOOP (being taken out of experience and back into 2nd section of game- Immersion breaking)

Wheelchair accessible if player is transferable/able to use stairs for short periods, some/multiple parts of modified gameplay:
The Don
Dino Land
The Dollhouse
Wizard Of Oz
Ten Fathoms Deep

PLEASE NOTE: For those that do not require a wheelchair however need seating available in the room this is available in all rooms on request and many rooms already have seating to accommodate this.

Generic Briefing/Safety Videos are subtitled and printed copies of the story introduction are available upon request.
The following games have audio puzzle/communication elements that have accessibility adjustments upon request:
The Don
Old Father Time
Prison Van
The Dollhouse

Rooms with limited DEAF/HOH accessibility:
Resurgency – One puzzle requires a team member with hearing to complete
Ten Fathoms Deep – Clues are provided by walkie talkie with no in game screen
The Happy Institute – Clues are provided by intercom with no in game screen
The Sacrifice – Clues are provided by walkie talkies with no in game screen
Defective Detective – Narrative based videos play in the room, currently no subtitles (currently being worked on)
Wizard Of Oz – Multiple audio puzzles that will require someone with hearing to solve.

Epilepsy/Light sensitivity Accessibility:

The following rooms have elements of flashing/strobing lights which may affect some users;
Resurgency – Flickering lights which are disabled before game at teams request
The Dollhouse – Flickering lights which aren’t used at teams request
Dino Land – Rotating beacons which can be disabled, Lasers which can be disabled
Wizard Of Oz – Lasers which can be disabled however it affects a puzzle.

Colour Blindness:
The following rooms have colour based puzzles:
Old Father Time – 2 Puzzles, 1 of the puzzles has symbols to reduce colour issues
Wizard Of Oz – 1 Puzzle
The Dollhouse – 1 Puzzle
The Happy Institute – 1 Puzzle
Ten Fathoms Deep – 1 Puzzle

We are aware that there are many specific requirements that our customers may need and we always do our best to accommodate, so if you have any questions regarding how appropriate any of our rooms would be for you please reach out to us at:

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